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I'm new to the forum here and am hoping that you guys (and girls) might be able to help me out. I am looking for my first electric guitar but I am willing to spend the money to get a great one that will last for the rest of my life (I hope). I am into jazz (think Wes Montgomery) and blues, so I am looking for an electric (solidbody, semi, or hollow) that has a clean, warm, and rich sound and an amp that can deliver that sound cleanly and clearly.

I've been salivating over several of the models from Collings so far, but I'd be really happy if anyone can suggest a guitar (any maker), amp, or preferably both that could deliver the sound I am looking for.

Thanks in advance for any help you guys can provide.

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Well, you want to look at either a Strat or a Les Paul. I'm personally a Fender man. If I was you I would look into Squier guitars (cheaper version of Fender, or if you are willing to spend the money go for a Fender Stratocaster. If you are more of a Les Paul guy then check into an Epiphone (cheaper version of Gibson) Les Paul. Gibsons are ridiculously expensive. Both of these guitars are well suited for Jazz and Blues.
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If you go Epiphone, the Sheraton II and the Joe Pass are both astounding guitars for the price. The Sheraton has more of a Les Paul-ish sound, while the Joe Pass is a little more muted and acoustic-sounding. I like the Joe Pass way more, but that's just me. In fact, the Pass is my favourite Epiphone guitar, period. A couple 57 classics, some better tuners and a better bridge, and a rewiring job is all it takes to make it an amazing axe.

Collings make some great stuff too though. There are even a couple Ibanez and Yamaha models that are good.

Amp-wise, I recommend the Les Paul Jr., Vox AC15, or the Fender Super Reverb, depending on how much volume you need, and how portable it needs to be.

The Joe Pass (even stock) and the Super Reverb is my favourite clean combination ever, unless you count really high-end guitars.
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Amp-wise, I recommend the Les Paul Jr.,

Guessing you meant Epiphone Valve Jr.
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Guessing you meant Epiphone Valve Jr.

Nope. I meant the Gibson Les Paul Jr. It was disco'ed last year, but MF still has them. It's basically a handwired Valve Jr. The tone is cleaner and it distorts less at high volumes. If it had a speaker out, I would own one. I just lack the ability to wire one myself, and I don't want to mangle it. I still consider it the best affordable coffee house and small club amp. I've played better, but nothing I could justify spending money on for a small venue.

The Valve Jr. is great too though. If you buy one, budget for cleaner tubes and a new speaker. Mine is great after I made those changes, but definitely sounded like the inexpensive amp it is before I made them.
Guitar-wise, I recommend any of several Epiphone hollowbodies. The Sheraton, Joe Pass, Alleykat, Broadway, Casino, et al could all deliver.

What do you plan to use the amp for? Home practice?