i like the opening progression, its very smooth, your voice matches it well.
I think for the chorus, you should belt out your voice to a higher pitch, it seems like a pre-chorus, or another part of the verse. It's just a suggestion, just what i felt. i like the synthesizer and guitar solos, they filled in well

excelltent job
could you crit mine?
its only a demo
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So I don't normally browse this area of u-g.com. Your thread came up on my homepage as a recent post, figured I'd check it out, sort of half-expecting some over-angsty kid singing about razors and such. I've kind of been blown away, to be honest.

The whole song is subdued...sure, it's not in your face but that doesn't mean there isn't a bite to it. I love the progressions you use. I think the song appeals to me so much because I get a Steely Dan vibe from it. Not in a way that it sounds like a poor attempt at a SD song. It sounds like YOU, and it reminds me of a lot of the stuff I like about SD songs. Hope that make sense.

I have to disagree with dontbestupid. I dig the chorus the way it is. It is quiet but there is still a release there.

Hope I could be of some help man.
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Really sweet jazz tone. Good mixing too. You can tell its a drum machine but the levels are nice. Youve got great singing technique (kind of have to for jazz ) but I agree that some higher harmonies would make this sweeter. Im not really digging that organ sounding lead you have going; just sounds thin and MIDI to me, would be much cooler on a bluesy-distorted guitar. Solo tone could use a lil more highs but the solo itself was.

Also listened to your Collective Soul cover; DAMN you have a great vocal technique; been doing this a long time, no? Also the recording sounds brilliant.

This probably isnt your style at all, but c4c - "For All Those Burning"

If you really dont want to crit this song (which id completely understand) try "Nidra" instead (also on the profile), its an original folk song.
I really like the opening progression. I do prefer a thicker overdriven sound but you've def captured the jazz vibe.
The guitar sounds great and in places your vocals sound really strong.
The drumming overpowers the subtle guitars and got a little annoying cos i wanted to enjoy the guitar and vocals.
But a good song none the less!
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mmm, it was good, loungin music...

it was mixed recorded right... you did a good job...

but yea, I am definitely more into the heavier aspects of music so for me I don't love it.
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Hey.. thanks for commenting my work... really appreciate it... as for ur song... I really like the relax and chill mood.... ur vocal is not bad at all... it fits with the song... but as for me... I love guitar so much... I love playing guitar so much... I want to hear more guitar solo....

I know that jazz songs can have some of the best guitar solo in music... I hope on your next work.. hehehe maybe u can work on that... haha... just an opinion...
You should use a drum machine instead of the midi drums.

Drumsite isn't a bad one.
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Really dig the song. Very smooth and great levels. Also it sounds like you notched the frequencies to make everything stand out and have its own voice.

While the levels were very well done, I felt the guitar solo at 2:32 came in a bit hot. Also, I wouldn't mind a little more compression on the vocals but that's definitely preference. By the way your vocals on Train Ride are tight

c2c- https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1242151
Your songs are great. Lovely and relaxing music. Great voice too
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haha, good stuff man. very cetchy tune. i love the chords. the lyrics are cool. good job man. this was great. very relaxing. good stuff. i thought the guitar solo level was spot on. it made it stand out with it being a little louder then the rest of the song. good stuff man. the chorus did kind of feel like a pre chorus. i think i would take a second look at those chords. or there order anyway. maybe its best the way it is though. it works. nice man.

i listend to train ride also. good stuff. i dig youre playing and style.

crit mine? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?p=22534663#post22534663
I like the beat to it, not much i can crit here. You are obviously a much more experienced musician than myself, so keep it up
thx for the crit,
the song sounds like one of those ballroom songs you hear in films, it's quite good for what it is, the drums are midi which shows, even if you don't have a drumset there r realistic virtual drum sets, i use ezdrummer it works quite good fro me
good job
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