Hi UG members, here i come again with another question with the hope of finding an answer.

Here's the deal, i have an amp randall vmx30 with 2 channels: a clean channel and a distor channel with boost (total of 3 buttons, only 2 channels) just wanted to make it clear, but were i live, i cant seem to find a randall footswitch new or used.

somebody know which footswitch can works with my amp? i seen many footswitch with the 3 buttons(like fender's) LOGICALLY it will work but i dont want to buy something wrong because i dont have the possibility to test it before buyin' it.

So, what can i do? someone have test differents brands footswitch in a Randall?

thx in advance
Email the company?
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thats isnt an option, i dont live in the US and the shipping will cost too much.
what does the jack look like? MIDI? TRS?

EDIT: btw, there's no postage for e-mails.
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i think the plug for footswitch is universal, its a standard jack-like... but isnt a jack obviously. the only thing im not sure is which footswitch may work with it, also thx for the replies
look for a footswitch that uses tip-ring-sleve jacks. there are plenty of two-button footswitches that would do fine (switch1= channel A/B, switch2= boost on/off).
then any footswitchthat uses stereo jack with one switch channel button and one for boost will do it?