Hey, I'm getting ready to swap my pickups in my LTD MH-250NT, but I'm unsure with the wiring. I'd like to do it all myself.

Here's the general wiring diagram:

But on my guitar, the push-pull for coil tapping is on the tone pot rather than the volume pot (I assume this wouldn't make a difference, since it is just a dptp??? Is this correct?), and also the 3 way switch looks like this:

Any help is appreciated. The pickups are a Custom 5 trembucker 4 conducter in the bridge and a 59 4 conducter short legs in the neck if you're interested.

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The middle 2 lugs of the switch go to the volume pot, then the 2 either side of it are for the pickups (depends which way round the switch is) The outer lugs shouldnt have anything on them.
And Push/Pull tone is fine.
This should probably be in the wiring thread though.
Oh okay great, thanks. Forgot about the wiring thread before. Do you think that it's worth replacing the pots? The stock ones are the correct values, but I've heard people saying bad things about the pots in LTD's.
I dont know, I dont have any experience with LTD pots, but if you put some good quality ones in there it cant hurt.