Right, at this place, they have a Bugera 333xl, and they have two versions. I'm not sure which one to get, but one is £50 more... and I noticed they have different tubes.

One has El34 and the other has 6l6. Which is best for a crunchy kind of guy?
EL34, but the difference wont be massive. Try both and decide for yourself.
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You sure it wasnt a 333 and a 333XL? They are different amps.

this is what it was. Definitely.
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One is based on a Peavey XXX, the other is a JSX (I think, I dont know Bugeras that well)
EL34s are better for a crunchy tone

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You won't really hear a difference unless you crank the powertubes, which will be VERY loud and i doubt you could, even onstage.
So yeah, just save up a little more and get the ones with EL34s

El34s won't be crunching up until you hit 4-5 on the master volume dial.