few things. Firstly, don't take offense. You talk wayyyy too much, lol. It's cool though, but yeah. Secondly. Video quality (and the fact I'm listening on a laptop) kills whatever tone you do have, but I can tell from comparing youtube tones to playing in person, you've got a good solid tone. For a SS crate, not bad at all. Thirdly, I congratulate thee for jumping from drums to guitar. Last but not least, nice sleeves.
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Great list Rutch. On re-reading this one I'd have to say Solid State means not liquid or gas.

I figured it out.
It's a hardwire, not a hotwire, I have the same pedal, and it's awesome.

But yeah, you talked a little too much. Overall, it's alright. The tone had a bit too much treble
R.I.P. Ronnie James Dio. Supplied amazing music to both me and my mother.

He will be missed.