Has anybody heard of or used the Fred Kelly Freedom Picks?

I hate flat picks and fingerstyle is what feels natural to me, but for the occasional solo i use the back of the nail of my index finger "as a pick". It worked beautifully until i recently switched from classical-nylon to steel-string, and after one playing session my nail was in horrible shape and visibly thinner. If i keep playing like that, the strings will eventually dig into the flesh under the nail:S

I tried wearing a metal fingerpick from Dunlop on my index, but it felt awkward and i didn't have any control. Then i found out about the Fred Kelly Freedom Pick, it's supposed to feel more natural and very close to the actual nail.

I ordered one but haven't got it yet.
Well.. It's an interesting idea, but I can almost guarantee it's not going to be comfortable to use.

I don't see how this is too much of an improvement on metal or plastic fingerpicks..
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some of the people on agf say they pinch a bit. i haven't tried 'em because for years i have had acrylic applied and maintained at a nail salon.
Here's another picture:

what seems appealing to me is that it seems to have the shape of a natural, not too long nail, especially in the second position, which is how i would use it. Delrin is also softer than plastic, so i hope for a more natural feeling.

Hope to get it soon in the mail so i can try it out.

Edit: how common/uncommon is it to play the way i do? If i had that Fred Kelly pick on my index, i would use the area below the logo "as flatpick surface" to pick downwards, and about that same area kind of "sideways" to pick upwards (hope what i mean is understandable, not a native speaker). How much of a horrible habit is this?
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i also play with both sides of my nails. it's easier to strum a bit on the top, but i usually fingerpick with from slightly underneath the front of the nails. sometimes, though, for there are times when i'll fingerpick with the backs.
i fingerpick with the backs of my nails when i play a 12 string. it can be done i don't play anything with the pads of my fingers.

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I usually fingerpick guitar with the pads -- it's the only way you can really do it on a 12-string. But I always pluck bass strings with my nails for better volume.
You should try alaska pik.
I haven't tried it myself but I've heard good things about it.

I've discovered that some strings wear off my nails and some don't. When I changed from ernie ball slinkies to d'addarive a month ago, my nail was paper thin in a week.
I'm using right now those 0.9€ harley benton .12 valuestrings. Not because they are so cheap, but because they doesn't cause wear off my fingertips or nails.
Maybe I can't recognize good sound but those 90 cent strings actually sound nice to me