Im getting a nice set of KRK RP5 G2's for my Xmas but I have a few questions regarding the setup.

Basically I will have the speakers plug into the left and right mono ports on my PODxt Live and then input to the guitar.

As for buying the cables for the KRKs:

1) I was told it was XLR Male to Male Balanced Cables I need, whats the difference between balanced and unbalanced?

2) I also noticed that the balanced cable like this:
It is a stereo cable im sure, when I bought a stereo cable that went from guitar to POD I wasnt getting the right sound, I shouldnt have that problem going into the KRK's? (it was a problem with the EMG's, they wouldnt work right under stereo or something)

Balanced cables simply mean that neither leg is earthed. When running a balanced lead on a stereo phono plug like in your link the a/b legs go to tip and ring and the shield to the sleeve. The shield is grounded at both ends just to provide electrostatic screening, it doesn't carry any signal.
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