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i'm looking for a new overdrive pedal, i'm currently using a blackstar HT-5 ministack, and play mainly rock and metal, from AC/DC to Metallica and Iron Maiden. at the moment, budget is not important, i just need suggestions.

Any advice much appreciated, thanks
Ibanez TS9 or Maxon Od808 are the two to go for, best ones on the market
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Quote by fwibble
Ibanez TS9 or Maxon Od808 are the two to go for, best ones on the market

Wrong. Don't make a statement like that when there are clearly many better overdrives "on the market". You're better off saying something along the lines of "these are two excellent overdrive pedals".

metaldaemon- I would suggest the Xotic BB Preamp/Plus and the TC Electronics Nova Drive.

Both sound unbelievably good and have more tonal options then you'll ever need.
Have a look at either the Rothwell Hellbender or Switchblade or if you need some versatility look at the Rothwell Heartbreaker.
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