my bridge pickup is about 2 years old. admittedly, ive neglected it in terms of the occasional wiping and clearing dust. just the other day, i noticed some form of rust on the corner of my bridge pickup:

is this rust bad for my pickup?

if so, how should i remove it without damaging the magnets, coils, and all other internal components?
A little WD-40 onto a rag should take care of that.
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Clean your guitar more often....

Then, decide how much you like your pickup, because after all if you don't like it there is no point in keeping it.

And then, walk up to a shop, buy some WD-40, probably on sale, which is between the used screw drivers and WKD, and then walk back home, or take the bus, and dob it on a cloth and wipe it over the rust.
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you afraid to touch it or something?
its not gonna hurt you

i'd have to remove all 6 strings in ordered to lift the pickups out of the cavity. That only happens once every few months as the nickel-wound strings hardly need replacing.

what you're looking at is a period in my guitar's cycle where i haven't cleaned it out in a few months.
Your pickups rusted over a few months? Question. What conditions are you storing your guitar in? If it's in a warm humid area, that'll cause rust, as well as water damage to your neck. Move it immediately then clean and keep it away from humidity.
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