i want to get a single pickup (bridge) guitar but i want the pup to sound more like its the mid pup instead of a hotter bridge pup. i like the tone of the mid or neck better for solos and whatnot.

would putting in a 4k-6k pup instead of a 10k-14k do that for me?
the position the pickup is in has quite the effect on the tone, too

if you like the sound of a neck or mid pickup, why not just have a neck or mid pickup?
I'm not sure what kind of guitar you're talking about, but if it's got a pickguard, it's just a matter of finding a blank pg, and making the pickup slot yourself.

going with a lower output bridge pup probably won't get you what you want, because a bridge pickup isn't hotter just to give it a bridge pickup tone.
it's usually hotter, because the strings vibrate less at the bridge than they do over the neck pickup.
theres less vibration to pick up, so the pickup is hotter to give a more even volume in comparison to the neck and middle pickups.
although, sometimes the bridge is wound even hotter, just for the purpose of being hotter.

soo tl;dr, if you want a middle or neck pickup tone, your best option is to put a middle or neck pickup in the middle or neck positions. making the bridge lower output will work towards the tone you want a little bit, but you'll still get the same sort of 'trademark bridge tone', if that makes sense
ok, yeah. that helped, thank you. im thinking about getting that squier hello kitty guitar, but refinishing it and putting in a nice split humbucker w/push pull. its got no guard. but its cheap and sounds good especially for the price. i love modding guitars!! :P
I think the hello kitty face is actually the pickguard on it
but..yeah. thats not exactly the kind of pickguard you can find with no pickup slots at a parts store D:

in this situation, I guess something lower output, and maybe with a little less treble would be your best bet. theres a dimarzio that I think might work for you, but I can't rememerb the name (checking now)

what kind of music do you play?