I own a Vox AC4TV. I really like the tone.
There is one small problem, with my H1 HSS stratocaster, it sounds really dark.
I would need some sort of EQ or treble booster maybe.

I tough of getting a Ibanez TS9, so I could get clearer tones with the tone knob, but I don't really want to change my current tone.

The reason why I need this, is to play punk-pop.

Any suggestions UG ? Peace
Is this on the 1/4 watt setting? I've never had that problem on the other settings.

As said an EQ should help.
Back when the AC30 was one of the standard amps for pop, blues and rock, many players of Gibsons complained about the 'dark' tones. The classic solution in UK at that time was the Dallas-Arbiter treble boost. Just like Mr Beck used to use. These days a decent EQ pedal will do the trick and give you a lot more options than just on/off and boost level.
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