I've been working on improving my alternate picking speed for about 2 months now. I started with 16ths at 60bpm and have gotten up to 100bpm. But my progress seems to have stagnated.

I was wondering, does it help to change up the exercise every couple weeks or so? Or is it better to just keep hammering on the same one. I'd like to get to 16ths at 140 - 160bpm.
change the exercise.
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Forget it and work on something else, there's no point worrying about getting an exercise faster just for the sake of being able to to play that exercise faster.
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Don't get stuck on that chomatic exercise. Vary your exercise playing as much as possible...that is, when you're focusing on technique. You can use bits and pieces of actual songs to enhance your technique.

Don't forget to make music, too.

*P.S. It is very common for players who use that chromatic exercise to get hung up around 100 BPM. That's what happened to me several months ago; I couldn't burn through 100 BPM with no tension. Lo and behold, I went on a trip overseas for 3 weeks with no guitar (it was torture). I came back home and burned through 100 BPM in one shot, landing at 112 in the same session. Go figure. Just get away from exercises for a bit, it will give your body and mind a rest.
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