hey UG-com
i want some new effect pedals,
I play alternative rock from 90(grunge) , and some thrash metal stuff like metallica

i already have the ds-1, the small clone chourus, and th sd-1 overdrive

i hope you can help me

peace NsA

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The good old reliable tube screamer might do the trick nicely. Depends on what amp you have really. You hear a bit of flange on grunge too, lots of options there but I personally am partial to the Ibanez FL-9.
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what kinda grunge we talking here? cause nirvana and pearl jam dont really sound that similar and both are considered grunge...

but it mainly depends on what kind of amp you have as to what kind of pedals you will need. youve got a good start for grunge with the distortion and chorus pedals, now its time to work around that. maybe get the DS-1 modded though, or mod it yourself.