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I was wondering first off how much value does a guitar lose used? Do you save value keeping certain guitars? How many guitars do you have?
Im getting my second and probly keeping my first. Ik performers often have quite a few guitars to use.
I have 5 and have no intention of ever getting rid of any. A guitar loses it's value when it's been modified.
I have two, my new one which I always play (when I don't have a broken arm ) and my older strat copy. It's bad, but i'm not going to sell it because I will get nothing and it was my first Guitar.
i have 4 guitars, and i nearly play just one. the other 3 i use for other sounds and stuff, but i never thought of getting rid of them!

I modded my oldest guitar and my other two are still at stock.
yeah, i usually keep four guitars in rotation
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I have 3.

I keep my solid electric in C# standard and use it for metal, and my semi-hollow electric in E or Eb standard and use it for clean stuff.

My old Squier Strat I am modding and refinishing. So much so that to call it a Squier Strat anymore is kind of a stretch.
4 electrics (and 1 acoustic, but I use that anyway), 2 of which I mainly use.
I keep my old strat knockoff for the memory value, it was my first guitar. The tele stays of course, I made it myself afterall. The SA, I use an alternative tuning with that one ( D standard ).

If the guitar(s) are playable and in good shape overall, I'd say put them into different tunings. It brings some variation and is quite convenient (when you need to play in another tuning).
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Ibanez E-Acoustic
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3 Guitars, 2 Electric, one acoustic. I'm selling the MIM strat though, if I had money I would mod it, as I do like the guitar itself. My hands just don't like the neck shape.

I'm not sure why it matters how many guitars you own. John Mayer owns over 200, Malmsteen has a whole room full of them (you can see them in his interview, most of them being vintage strats), and Paul Gilbert has a bunch.
I have 2 electric, have had 3 altogether. My first was garbage and had eventually fallen apart, then a BC Rich Mockingbird that is very old and warped, so I don't normally play it, but I keep it for sentimental value, and my newest and best, Jackson Kelly.
I have 4

My first crappy guitar, it's more fun the memory that I keep it, she doesn't have a name

Veronique : The first guitar that I bought myself, it's a Epiphone SG. She play quite well and I'm still having a lot of fun with it

Camille : My first acoustic guitar, I like to sturm a few chords progression outside from time to time, and she do the job, She's in D standrad, on a acoustic it sound awesome.

Rachelle : My Jackson RR24, she play like a dream, and I needed to work my ass of to get her, but now she's mine.

I know I will never get rid of a guitar. I spend so much time playing with them, it would be like giving away a part of myself.
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All guitars no matter what brand loose value, some faster than others and when they hit a certain age the value might climb a little but only a small percent of those. Everything depreciates the more damage or heavily modded guitar depreciate faster. People say big brands names hold their value but I disagree I think they all depreciate about the same for example if a 3000 dollar guitar looses 40% of it's value and a 1000 guitar looses the same 40% your out 1200 bucks on the more expensive guitar and only 400 bucks on the cheaper in the same amount of time.

Then you have to take into consideration Vintage and rare guitars they are in a different category all together. 10 and 15 years ago 20 years ago I could buy 50s vintage lps for next to nothing I could buy all the Vintage Gibsons I wanted back then pretty cheap compared to today's prices now they are more of a commodity and bought and sold as investments and that drives the value up tremendously. There are guys I meet at shows don't even play they just buy and collect hoping the guitar will gain value.

Brands don't mean much. I have an old Hondo STING that I paid about $95.00 for new in the 80s the guitar sells on Ebay for any where between $400.00 and $800.00 depending on condition. The only reason I kept it when I sold off my old collection was I couldn't get $50.00 for it I never thought it would ever be worth 4 to 8 times what I paid for it 20+years later! I have bought brand new Gibsons that I couldn't get 60% back on what I paid a year earlier but I have bought used Gibsons that I sold for double to triple what I paid because I paid rock bottom prices for those when the market was soft like it is today. In today's economy guitar values drop faster because there is no big demand and people just do not have the money to blow on stuff that are not necessities. Right now it's a buyers market and the best time to capitalize on the bad economy and the fact people need money to pay bills and what not. Right now if you bring a guitar into a shop to sell you'll be lucky to get 50 to 60% of what they will sell it for a little more if your trading up, some stores are turning away a lot of used stuff and it ends up on Craig's List or in classifieds.

As far as how many guitars I have somewhere around 75 check my profile for a list and pics a few are not listed yet and the ones I am working on are also not listed. I do not list guitars I have that are for sale only the ones I keep for myself.

I keep all my old guitars, my first one is a Cort Z42 that ill probably change the pickups of once i get a new guitar, most older guitars have more sentimental value that actuall money value tbh
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- Joe Bonamassa

I have a Gibson SG which will never leave my side, and an Ibanez Prestige that will get sold down the line at some point.
I have two guitars. I've been looking for a new one, and although there are many guitars I like, there aren't any that I would own. I don't think I'll ever find one that suits me, so I guess I'm stuck with these two for life, or at least for a very long time.

I don't think that's a bad thing, though.
3 acoustics
2 homemade strats
1 homemade tele
3 other electrics
1 bass
1 ukulele

(and i may buy another today as it were...)

I thought about selling a couple when i was strapped for cash, but then i couldn't decide which cuz they're all my babies... use guitars with similar timbre for different tunings, use guitars with like timbre for different tones... and if you're bored... mod away. I just put new pups and a black ice in my old squier and repainted it
Johnson Acoustic for Acoustic
MIA Fender Stratocaster for Standard
Parker Hornet for Half-step Down
Epiphone DOT Studio for slide Open E
Three that I use, but 2 acoustics that I never use anymore and will probably sell down the line(They were the run of the mill, "parents bought it for christmas when they saw i wanted to play, but don't know what makes a guitar good or bad" guitar" Two of the ones that I play are Ibanezes, one of which I might sell when I leave for college, but Im never selling my RG! The other is a homemade Rhoads V that is possibly one of the worst guitars ever, other than those devries custom things. There's a 1/3-1cm crack between the neck and the body, the paint on the neck is aweful, the neck is super thick, its almost WAY too light for me, but its my baby. If I ever do get rid of it, Ill probably gut it and solemly burn the body, as Ill never be able to sell it, even if I wanted to.
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I had 4, sold 2 of them, now I have 3

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The grandmother is having a baby with her grandson, so the grandson will be his own fathers father, the baby will be his own grandfather, and grandson, and the grandmother will be the mother, and great grandmother?

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3, A hand-me-down Tokai Strat copy, one Schecter C-1 FR Hellraiser, and an Ibanez RG120.

Hopefully adding another Ibanez to the group soon haha
4 electrics, 2 acoustics.
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Ibanez rg321MH- sold (biggest regret)
G&L Tribute legacey strat- sold (another big regret)
Schecter C1 Hellraiser- sold
Schecter C1+- sold
Schecter C1 Elite- sold

EB MusicMan SUB1
Fender MIM Strat
Ibanez SA series

Yea I've ripped through guitars the last couple years.
-Orange Tiny Terror head
-Avatar 112 Cab
-Roland Cube 20x
-Ibanez SA
-Ibanez RG7321
-Fender MIM Strat
-EB Music Man SUB 1
2 Strat copies (one of which i love, the other i use for experiments regarding wiring, etc.)
1 Tele
1 Acoustic
1 12 String Acoustic (wehich i got from my neighbour)

I personally don't see the need to have 1000 guitars like Jimmy Page or Keith Richards, but I guess they probably get given them, and I would never sell any of mine.
In total, I have 4 electrics, 2 acoustics and a bass >.>

My Dean is my main guitar.
My Yamaha is my "baritone", I put heavy strings on it and I use it for lower tunings.
My Rollins is currently going under some work, I'm taking off the polyurethane finish and I'm gonna refinish it.
My Fender is somewhere between a Squire and a regular Fender, a Fender Starcaster (not the semi-hollow). I sometimes use it when I want a single coil tone.
I bought an Ibanez bass off my friend, it's a cheap starter bass that pretty much just does what I need.
I have a Carlos Robelli classical guitar, which I barely use anymore...
My dad randomly decides to buy me a 12 string one day. The conversation literally went "I bought you a 12 string guitar on Ebay." "Oh. Okay..." It's a vintage Yamaha FG-512.
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I own 2. One I play all the time. It is an estimated $300-$450 upgraded Squire Affinity Strat. And the other is an acoustic Alvarez RD8, which I hardly play at all. THE electric guitar ROCKS!!!
One electric, one classical and two basses. And if someone mention me selling any i wuld stab or punch em :x
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1 electric: This one is basically my workhorse. It's fairly jack-of-all-trades right now, but I'm planning a pickup switch to really bring out the awesome but keep it versatile. Unfortunately, I can't really afford BKP's right now... sigh...
1 acoustic: This one's a beauty. If you've never seen a well done quilt maple top on an acoustic, it's quite good looking. The maple also helps give it a really nice, very full warm sound.
1 POS Nylon string: I consider this family property, mostly because I can't stand the thing and never use it. It's a 70 dollar Yamaha. Enough said.
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It's bad, but i'm not going to sell it because I will get nothing and it was my first Guitar.

A concept my parents still don't understand

I have 3. A cheap acoustic, a Squier Affinity, and my '72 Telecaster Deluxe re-issue
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1 Electric strat copy, 1 Acoustic/electric thinline, 1 Bass, 1 Short scale bass, and 1 lap-slide guitar build that I've started. I wouldn't mind maybe 1 or 2 more. A les paul style and a shredder-locking trem style eventually.
Lefty Strat Copy w/ GFS Lil' killer rails + Crazy wiring
Lefty Kona Thinline Acoustic/Electric
Righty-to-Lefty Silvertone Bass
Righty-to-Lefty Memphis Short Scale Bass

Tascam US-428 USB Interface Mixer
Guitar Rig 3
Two electric, one acoustic

Main axe in standard, the other in D standard, Drop C, or CGCFGC (don't ask). \m/
Sig, +2 beginner guitars. So 7, lol

MARSHALL JCM 2000 Amp head/Cab
White Synyster Custom 1/100
Rest of my rig on my profile!

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I've got four. An SG that I keep tuned in drop C, a Godin I keep tuned one whole step down, a Jackson Randy Rhodes model for drop D, and a Les Paul for standard. The band I was in used all kinds of tunings, so gigs were a pain in the ass lugging 4 guitars and a full pedal board around.
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Ibanez RG2EX2 - White, black trim, all stock. First ever electric, learned on that axe, will never mod it or sell it. Period.

Ibanez GRG170DX - Picked up in Wales when I was in the UK with no guitar to practice on for 40 pounds. Lousy guitar, but Wales is where my parents met and got married in the navy. I'll probably hang on to it.

Dean Dime-O-Flauge - Rather useless guitar. Comfortable neck, pickups suck, and I grew to hate ML designs. Might end up selling it off later.

B.C. Rich Avenge Son Of Beast - X-mas present the same year I got my spider 3 which was upgrading from a Fender Starcaster I picked up at bestbuy new and a Rocktron V15. Later gave the fender to my brother, and the rocktron, both of which he ended up selling. Will be keeping this one.

Jackson RR3 - X-mas present after I turned 17, mom bought it for me after my first successful gig, there's a small chip in the headstock which knocked $300 off the price for me, bringing it down to $450. Will never get rid of her.

And my latest;

Agile AL-3000 - Realized the first electric I'd ever sat down and played was my uncles' 1969 Les Paul. All these years I hated les pauls thanks to Gibby fattening the necks and making em sticky as hell by finishing them with dog poo, but I played an '04 Epi LP custom my buddy Jack has and eventually remembered my past experience with LP's, and finally settled on this one. After a tormenting week of waiting for it to get here, I obliterated the box and wrapping, and all small furry animals that stood between me and my amp, and discovered my new favorite guitar. I haven't touched the Jackson or any of my other guitars in over a month thanks to my Agile. Will not be selling this one either, 18th birthday present.

So there's really only one guitar I've got that I'd get rid of; The Dean. (what a surprise.) Aside from a Cadillac series, I wouldn't really go for another dean. Definitely an IBZ / Jackson / Agile player.
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i have my Fender Telecaster, my Warmoth Strat i put together, my Seagull acoustic, and then a couple guitars in the middle of a makeover. a Squier '51 thats being taken apart and reassembled with only one pickup, and a Warmoth Telecaster Deluxe that's being painted (by Warmoth) and will then be on it's way to me! exciting.

anyway, if a guitar doesn't get any play time i sell it off. i don't have the money (or room) to keep guitars i don't play. and i've had some seriously high quality stuff (considering i don't gig or play in bands). a Gibson BFG Les Paul, Gibson SG, Peavey Wolfgang Standard, and Ibanez RG570. but if i don't play it and it's just taking up space it's got to go.
Warmoth Telecaster Deluxe. Warmoth Strat. Seagull Artist Portrait Acoustic.

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