So I recentely discovered the ZT Lunchbox, its supposed to be an amp powerful enough to do a live show (and still maintaining tone) while only running a 6.5" specially designed speaker. Its supposed to sound pretty good as well and is really budget friendly. Yay or Nay?
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I say yay, if you play jazz, otherwise nay. It's not the best sounding amp in the world but its very loud, its not really that great for any distorted sounds. Many jazz players use them as they give a pretty good clean sound and are light but I'm guessing that based on your gear you don't play too much jazz so probably nay for you.
I actually noticed this at my local GC about a week ago and was intrigued.

As BMP mentioned, I didn't think that it would be very good for anything really distorted.

Anybody else try this little guy out?
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With it being 200 watts, it obviously has a lot of head room. So getting a decent clean should not be a problem. I just listened to a few clips, like BMP said it's not the greatest sounding amp, but for $350 or $325, I can't remember which. What do you expect? I wouldn't by it and I do play with jazz tone quite a bit.