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Rizing Sun Records has announced, the release of "The Party Train", a new CD by ColdtrainBlues.
ColdtrainBlues combines the elements of great rhythm and blues, traditional blues, along with the fiery vocals and guitar work of Jeffery "Coldtrain" Colbert.

The Album brings back memories of the late great Johnny Guitar Watson, with provocative vocals and driving rhythms. The groups motto is "Funkin’ Da Blues" is more than a motto. With great guitar solos, that would make Eric Clapton, BB King, and all of the other great blues guitarists proud, this CD puts the rhythm in Rhythm and Blues and delivers a trainload of funk.

About the Jeffrey "Coldtrain" Colbert/Earl Foster Jr. Collaboration

Jeffrey "Coldtrain" Colbert was born in the great state of Nebraska, where he played and sang in his father’s church, giving him the deep gospel roots that are apparent in his playing and singing. During his youth he worked with all of the major blues and jazz groups passing through his home town of Omaha. Colbert finally realized that in order to realize his musical ambitions, he had to venture out, so he found himself in Southern Californiawhere his career hit a roadblock when he ran afoul of the law,. This experience left a bitter taste in his mouth, as he slowly saw his dream start to slip away. Because of the richness of those life experiences, these experiences in his life actually helped him. His playing became stronger.

In Los Angeles he met Earl J. Foster Jr. who was the leader of the ABC- Dunhill group Tribe, and
now CEO and President Of The Shampen Group. Mr. Foster heard Coldtrain play and approached him about, putting his musical talent out there for the world to hear. Having produced recordings for ABC Dunhill, MGM, Farr Records, Rizing Sun, and many more labels, Foster applied his expertise in writing, arranging and producing this remarkable work.

For additional album information: visit the ColdtrainBlues Web site at http://coldtrainblues.com Purchase the new ColdtrainBlues Album "The Party Train" at http://www.cdbaby.com/Artist/ColdtrainBlues.

What Others Are Saying About "the Party Train"

"Neckbone eatin', snuff dippin' down home blues" Jerry "Boogie" Mason of the Boogie Report http://twitter.com/theboogiereport

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