I have switched between the two and not sure I notice a big tone difference like eveyone says.
Do you notice any difference in tone between 9's and 10's?
Nope, none at all. String gauge really won't make much difference unless you're doing a big change like .09s to .12s.
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A little bit, it's not huge like some people say. Now if you went from 9's to 13's it would be a very noticable difference. Some people say they can tell the difference between monster and mogami cables and stuff like that. They are bsing.
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Honestly when I went from .10s to .11s, I noticed a big tonal difference. Much fatter.
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I've not noticed a significant difference in tone when switching from .009's to .010's, and then from .10's to .011's. Rather, what does seem to change drastically is the unplugged and plugged-in volume of the guitar, with thicker strings being louder.
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Acoustic: Yes
When plugged in: I cant tell the diffrence really.
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yeah, quite a bit. though that might be psychological because of the feel, and the different feel may be making me play differently, too. but i can definitely notice a difference, whatever that difference is.
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It will feel thicker because you have to pick harder due to the thicker strings. It could possibly be just the fact you are picking harder.
The tone often sounds thicker, and nicer to my ears. However I feel the effect is lessened because at first most your concentration is spent acclimatising to the new strings.