Ok i have an ibanez rg1570, its in tune, the intonation have only some problems, but the 6th string cause fret buzz when played fretted or not and the third string cause a lot of fret buzz when fretted. 1,2 and 4th string are ok, also the sixth string cause fret buzzes when fretted on all frets i think thats normal idk the gauge is 9-42.

I was moving the tuss rod but the action was really high, I put down the bridge, the action was ok but the buzzes didnt disapeared.

Idk i should rise the brige, move the tuss rodd, how i need to move the tuss rod, clockwise or anticlosckwise, i also should have to move the bridge to get low action

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You don't adjust the truss rod to change your action; the truss rod should be set to match the string tension, so there is an ever so slight inwards curve to the neck. Nothing more or less.

Any action, string height and intonation adjustments should be done solely at the bridge, or occasionally you may need to get a new nut if the action or intonation is really far off what you want.

Bear in mind too that a lot of people have very unrealistic ideas about what ''low'' and ''high'' action are, especially with 'shred' guitars that often have tall fret wire (and so need higher action to clear the frets properly). It may simply be that you're trying to get much lower action than your guitar can ever realistically achieve, which is why you're getting so much fret buzz.

Look over your guitar again. Set the truss rod correctly; just have it so the neck is ever so slightly curved inwards and leave it there. Look to your bridge for any string height and intonation adjustments. If you end up raising the bridge a lot and still get a lot of buzz, you may want to get a new higher/lower nut or you might need to take your guitar to a qualified luthier for a fret dressing; intoantion should only be changed at the bridge though it can be worth looking into getting a compensated nut to achieve the best intonation up and down the neck.
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move rod clockwise with an allen wrench. as for the bridge, well its all about trial and error. just adjust by about a half turn and that'll set you up right.