Hey guys, I want to fit one of my guitars with strat pickups. I don't care what brand. I'm a big humbucker guy, EMG and Seymours, but I want one guitar with 3 single coils. Not looking for a HSS set up.

I'll be getting a Mesa Boogie Mark V. I want a guitar to play some blues like SRV (attempt) and the like. Do you have anything to recommend? I just did a search on MusiciansFriend and got 10+ hits. Jeez.


I don't mind mix and matching 3 pickups.
if u want SRV's sound, get the Fender Texas SPecials.

u could also check out boutique pickups like bareknuckles, rockmonkeys etc. if u e-mail them and tell them what type of sound u are looking for, they will recommend u the right pickup.
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if u want SRV's sound, get the Fender Texas Specials.


I have the SRV strat with the Texas Specials. Though I'm still new (that is, I don't have years of experience evaluating pickups), they sound great.

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What do you play?
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Thank you, you've all been very informative and helpful (except you Mr_CiNiC, f*ck you.)
Love you too, babe.
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What do you play?

I play thrash metal mostly but I like to doodle in other styles. I'll never play super clean, I'm looking for more of a rock/blues sound to change it up.
Lindy Fralin Blues Specials. AMAZING Strat pups, better than anything Fender makes IMO. Best I've tried.
what kinda guitar are you puttin these pickups in.
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Take a look at Rock Monkey Pickups, if you email Chris (He is a UG Member - CorduroyEW) about what tone you want and he will guide you to the right pickups
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a guitar builder I know recommends Dimarzio Area 61s as the best noiseless pickups out there