Kahler is doing a run of 200 Kerry King bridges.. nooooooo!!!! i can`t afford one, that`d be soooo sweet having Kings name engaved in the bridge mounted to my Kerry King sig V.. anyone plan on ordering one?

but, as you now know i have the BCR Kerry King Signature V, which i LOVE to death, this guitar is a dream to play has a crazy fast neck like basicly perfect everything i LOVE the kahler and it`s perfectly balanced which was totaly amazing to me. but anyway

i`ve REALLY been thinking about replacing the Kahler hybrid with the 2315 pro (same bridge King uses) i don`t care about the fixed bridge option it has where you can lock the bridge, it`s usless to me cause i only play in Eb and i don`t see the point of having a trem bridge without the trem LOL. but has anyone really compared the Hybrid to the 2315?? the hybrid i`m guessing is made outta cheaper metal cause Kahler doesn`t say what metal it has in it the 2315 is brass and steel which they say is amazing for sustain and brightness.

anyone know how much sustain i`ll be gaining with the 2315 pro over my hybrid? and just changes in overall tone? i really wanna know, cause i`m about really to sell everything to order that KFK Kahler. LOL
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It's worth doing - the Hybrid is like the cheap LFR of Kahlers.
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not worth it.

just go with a Kahler 2320

or an OFR, Schaller, Gotoh
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not worth it.

just go with a Kahler 2320

or an OFR, Schaller, Gotoh

the 2320 doesn`t sound like the bridge for me, warm rich tone, which sounds like it`d be good, but i want screaming sustain, thats 1st and formost, i do ALOT of crazy harmonics and drives.

I will never touch a floyd again, once i played my kahler, i couldn`t go back i`m telling ya.... my nephew has an amazing guitar too a ESP LTD Alexi 600 with a OFR, i can`t get over how HORRIBLE the floyds feel to me now, after playing a kahler thats so light and fast. and i use to swear by the floyds then i played kahler.