But I have one, and predictably it's giving me tremendous problems wiring it.

It was in another guitar, wired by me, worked absolutely fine, with two switches having 4 sounds.

Now I've come to switch it into my Explorer and I've spent all of today getting severely irritated at the complete lack of information about wiring them.

I don't want to explain my situation or talk any more cause I've posted this thread on every guitar forum I've found, and I'm sick of it now.

The ultimate wiring thread has been no help either, despite a good hour of searching it.

Basically I want the motherbucker in bridge, with a switch for coil tapping, then I've got an Invader for the bridge, that I also want coil tapping (bear in mind I only have a push/pull pot and a DPDT) then I want a 3 way pickup switch for bog standard switching between the two, with one volume and no tone.

You know how annoying it is when you wire something up and then it doesn't work? Yeah I've had that like 5 times today thanks to the crappy diagrams I've found online, I'm completely sick of it and just want a diagram that will definitely work, I will be incredibly grateful.