Hi Singing forum! I have been singing for my band and playing rhythm guitar for about 3 months. At first they said I sounded pretty good and I started developing some confidence. But a couple days ago that all changed and the band leader said that he has been basically not telling me how bad I was.

So the song is in my Profile and is called "Missused". I wrote all the music and lyrics. Sorry the production is bad as its my first solo project.

Please listen and let me know how bad I am and what I can do to improve. Also, if you'd like to comment on the overall song it would be appreciated!

Thanks in advance, you guys are fantastic!!
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From the sample you're not that bad. I think what is worse is your recording quality. Your microphone seems to be cutting off some ends of the spectrum so we can't hear the entire range of your voice. Thats really the issue.

The best way to improve is keep on singing and reading up on how to sing online. Thats how I taught myself.
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well you do sound like you're singing with a good full voice, but a bunch of notes are indeed off. Nonetheless, i do believe that if you put enough effort in it you can become a very decent singer, so really don't give up

EDIT: ^to the guy above...learning how to sing online is not a good way, at least for most people. Everyone's voice is different, everyone's breathing is different and you don't get direct feedback from a teacher who tells you your breathing or stance is wrong. I strongly advise to find a teacher, use online lessons as last option.
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Practice. And don't mind ur band leader, even if he might think so, the fact is, not everyone can be Sebastian Bach.

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Thank you very much.

Well, it could be way worse, no doubt, but there is still room for improvement. I dont know what genre you guys play, but in that particular track, like, alt rock or something, you have a great voice, imo at least.

To me it sounds like your band members are hiding the real reason as why they bash you.
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It's not that bad. You just really really need to do something about your distorted guitar tone.

I mean really.

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I wrote this story so many days ago
and the words kept falling onto pages.
Without the loss we can't go on
and with the loss we became strong.

Ha the guitar tone is straight from a EHX metal muff... I know its absolutely ass. Second I get the chance I'm gonna rerecord it with the 6505+.

Thanks for all the replies. I agree I definitely messed up some notes there. Didnt see that before! I'm recording through a sm58.

edit: Alt. Rock is definitely where we are headed.
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Sorry double post

What questions should I ask a vocal coach before I sign on with them? That is probably my next step
It seems you can hold a tune in your natural range, I think your most room for improvement is when you go into the higher pitches, it seemed to be a little shaky.

Overall I'd say you have potential. Just keep listening closely to your voice while you sing and note areas where you think you can improve and then improve them with heavy practice.
Hey guys I finally finished a new version of this song after taking all your critiques into consideration.

If you would be so kind as to listen to it the updated version has replaced the old one in my profile.

Thanks and ANY critique is welcome good or bad!
I think that change from clean to distorted needs to be alot smoother. The vocals seem so sudden. I think there needs to be a gap or something of silence then "bam" it comes in you know what I mean? Anyway, I think the vocals are really good, some of the notes would be awesome if you held them out as some end abruptly. For your genre its great. I'd have you as a singer in my band tbh!

p.s: the 1:44 bit is awesome. really really good!
Ah crap! I have been tweaking that song so long that I forgot about the problem I had with the clean to distortion.

Thanks on the comments man! I have been practicing my arse off.

edit: I left the old band and am working with a metal oriented group now. I was hoping to just get a better idea of how my voice has improved since I started. Thanks to all who take the time.
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Your pitch could use some work. I would suggest that you figure out what you want the actual melody you want is, with the notes and rhythms. Your voice is an instrument just like any other, so it should still have good notes and rhythms (and dynamics, articulations, etc.. but that comes later). Once you know exactly what melody you want to sing, play it on a guitar or piano, and try to match every pitch exactly. Then try singing it but sing each note before you play it, to make sure that you actually are in tune. If your playing with a piano, you can hopefully play some basic chords at the same time as the melody for a better feel of the song.