i just bought this amp i need some settings to start with....
can you suggest me your favourite settings with this amp?

i like a sound like blink 182, sum41, guns n roses, bullet for my valentine and avenged sevenfold.

i also have pedals digitech hardwire tl-2 metal distortion and boss os-2 overdrive /distortion and boss dd3.

i plan to use my metal distortion for stuff like avenged sevenfold on the amps clean channel and use my amps overdrive for stuff like sum41, guns n roses and blink 182.
Okay, here's what you do. Change the settings, and get it to sound how you want it. If you like how it sounds, those are the right settings!

And yeah, settings threads are against the rules.

"Everyone's rig is different; everyone's ear is different. Settings that work for you do not work for the next person. Therefore, settings threads are not allowed as they are not productive."
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