Ok so i have posted this thread in another board but ill problly get better responses here

so ive been trying to sing the song "if it means alot to you" by adtr and well i can play the guitar part just fine but i cant sing it worth crap...i was just wondering if you guys have some tips for me.. i do have a pretty deep voice and the songs kinda high but to play the song in a deeper tone i have to barre chord also i dont want to sing this in falsetto..

also i have kinda a hard time singing over my guitar...
Practice. A lot.
It's like training to run a marathon; you can't possibly expect to run it tomorrow, or even in a month. It takes a lot of time to become a good singer.

Also, don't strain your voice by singing in keys higher than your vocal chords can handle. It doesn't help, and you don't necessarily become better by doing it. What you might want to try to improve is learning how to breath. If you breath in deeply, the lower portion of your body (belly, sides) should expand. It gives you deeper breathing and it enables you to resonate the sound in a better way.
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well i dont really know the song so my advice might not be worth much but
for singing high without using falsetto the best thing to do is just sing songs in your current range then slowly build it up singing songs that are higher in range as your confidence and vocal ability increase, its a slow process but if you do it right it works, (or at least, it did for me)
failing that transpose the song to a key you find comfortable

as for the singing over guitar, thats something that kinda just came natural for me, obviously some things are easier to sing over than others, it just becomes a case of learning the guitar and the vocal melody and practicing them until you could do them in your sleep, its a weird co-ordination thing but after a while you'll be doing it no problem

hope this helps in some way but if not then, no doubt there'll be people more helpful than me on UG
thats for the tips i really need to build up on my confidence with singing because the song has some parts and my voice seems like it cracks or just sounds dumb to me.. so i should maybe work on singing higher..since it seems to be a problem spot
listen to crash test dummies and creed, this is what helped me also if you look at alot of live performances and try to copy their breathing patterns etc... this is what i did anyway. plus, alot of practice.
drink green tea. I've been drinking it every morning for a while now, maybe a cup before I go to bed. I've had exceptional control and command over my voice, that I didn't have before pre-tea. It might not guarantee you reach higher levels but damn it, it helps. Protip: No more than two a day, they reportedly give you painful ****ing leg cramps at night if you drink too much.

also, maybe you just can't sing that high. And there's nothing wrong with that. Peter Steele from Type O Negative has probably the deepest voice I've ever heard, but that didn't stop him from covering Smells Like Teen Spirit.
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hm i do like tea so maybe i should try that...an who knows im only 15 so maybe my voice still has to develop a little to get a higher tone..thnks