Hey guys ...I have been using guitar rig 3 for quite some time now. I used a 1/4 to 1/8" converter. Previously I had it plugged into my mic line and would use it as a stand alone amp. I don't record. The microphone input jack is now really damaged and the cable is movable so it gets no signal. Before with some fidgeting I could get it but its completely busted now from use. This is my second soundcard. My question is how do I get guitar rig 3 to use line in or auxillary line because they are still in perfect shape. I've been trying for the last hour but its not picking it up. Can someone please tell me how this is done? Any help us greatly appreciated
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I don't think you'll find many serious responses here in "The Pit". I suggest you repost your question here in this forum of UG for more technical advice about recording techniques and equipment. There's sure to be folks in that area to help you with your problem.
Get a proper soundcard.
Get better speakers.
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Get a proper soundcard.
Get better speakers.

Can you read? Piratebay is not going to solve his problems.

You should be able to set what input you are using the in options of guitar rig. I always used it with a DAW like Reaper, so I'm not exactly how to do it when using GR3 as a stand alone.
Like I said I was playing with the input settings but nothing picked up. I'm gonna continue trying because I'm quite sure it can be done. If any has any suggestions that would be great. Thanks