Is there any site that would Inform me (Like through Email or through the site) when a band I like is in my State?

Like I would give it bands (Or genre) that I like, and when a new tour starts for that band, it would Email me. Anything like that?
Never heard of anything like that, but it would be a great idea and should be done.
I think there was one that i signed up to sort of, i can't remember it's name though. Think it was Eventful or something
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Myspace takes forever on my Computer, If I had Highspeed internet, It wouldn't matter. But I don't, so Im looking for an easier way. Besides, what if I were to forget to look up a band that I like, and they pass through my state before I even knew they were touring?
I agree, bands myspace/websites are never useful.
lots of band have their US tours and never any European ones, we dun know what's going on til they are over here and the tickets are about sold out.
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Bands usually post announcements on myspace, it's not my problem that it doesn't work very well on your computer. Just check your local venues from time to time.
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Yeah, Last FM.

Once you've listened to enough music it'll recommend you events in the area based on who you listen to and bands that are like the ones you listen to. It's where I found out about 80% of the gigs I go to.
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Lastfm works well although from my experience watching the venues homepage is usually way easier. Since there's only one venue in my city I don't have a problem.