ok so about a month ago, i found out i was using my most of my elbow to pick really fast notes. For example the down picking in Master of Puppets i would lock my wrist and play for the fast parts, so i slow it down to about 75%-80%...but i feel like im still using my elbow for playing. i have been doing exersices on jsut using my wrist.

but how do i know for sure im using my wrist to pick
or is a combination of elbow and wrist

i know i have to move my elbow to go string to string, but im just woundering for faster parts how do i konw im not using my elbow

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play something really fast and if your elbow starts to hurt you're doing it wrong
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Yes, whatever feels most comfortable.
but remember to practice at slow tempos and build up, it'll come naturally.
When we get better with practice our body naturally starts to take more effecient(economic) movements.
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Try resting your arm against the body of the guitar, and practise using only your wrist. Even look at your hand if you have to.
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How the hell can you not tell if you're moving part of your own body or not....are you Stephen Hawking???

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Anyways, it is easy to tell if you are picking from the wrist. Make sure your picking hand shoulder, bicep, elbow, and forearm are completely relaxed...then simply focus ALL of your picking power into the small space of your wrist. I think Shawn Lane, in a YouTube video, said to think of the wrist as a tiny phonograph needle. Small? Yeah, but with a ton of power. Every time I pick, I think of my wrist in that way, and it helps a ton.
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