Isn't it so perfect?
so sublime
in a way
that's unbelievable;
I can't hit
the ground and let
my insides cover the
sinful grass with a summer
sunrise-crimson dew;
I keep free-falling
so indefinite.
let the ignorance have
action without causality;
when neurons become
dull, aching organs we’ll
be in heavenly dystopia
the stupid
ways I
kill myself
aren’t easy
without you
telling me
it’s dumb;
we wouldn’t have to talk
at all,
or recognize
each other

but I wait for nothing
and strive to be less than
the average human because
you’ll rescue me someday
and I’ll have you wrapped
around my finger
and you’ll be saying
how lovely the weather is

dig the format?
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Thanks for enjoying this I had a feeling most wouldn't.
I'm stickying your piece. I'll review when I get home from an audition this afternoon. Thanks