can you give me some tips on how to sing like all time low, there is an acoustic version of one of their songs.
it seems that he sings pretty high, i can hit the notes but he kinda sings very loud and powerful and its hard, its kinda hard for me to sing so high i guess,(maybe thats cause i had a cold) i dont know but i think i can sing even higher.tho
i think im a tenor,(lol i dont know) ive had a few singing lessons but i quit and i was sick for a while but now i want to start singing again, maybe im gonna go to a vocal coach again but can you please give me some tips?
how can i improve my singing at home?
search other all time low stuff in youtube if you want to get the idea.
i like a lot of artists (blink 182, sum41, all time low, the red jumpsuit apparatus, guns n roses, avenged sevenfold) and now i want to sing their songs and improve my singing and my range.
oh and is he a tenor?

thank you!
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play the notes of a scale on your guitar and try to hit all of them. go as high as you can vocally and keep trying to get higher. try this for like 5 or 10 minutes a day.

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I don't normally like pop punk but i like this song.
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Nothing complicated in his vocal. Just usual "not noob's" vocal.
Only advice here would be to just train your voice. Do as lildude_6859 said.

BTW while reading you, i was thinking that that guy would sing using powerful head voice...
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ok. thank you!
are there any other tips?
how to sing higher? i mean sometimes i sing and my voice just breaks xD
what other things should i work on?