The opening riff is pretty awesome but your tone is thin as paper; WAY too much gain an high end, and not enough low. After awhile the progression gets a little repetitive coz its used so much (ever hear Bush - Glycerine? ) Id suggest getting a free VST amp sim or spending more time with the one you have (theres alot of good ones listed in the Recording Forums stickied threads)
Some kind of bridge near the middle/end where you change to a minor key would make this alot more interesting.

c4c? "For All Those Burning"
Oh my god I'm in love with the amp simlators. My amp blew a couple of months ago so I've been using my crappy Metal Zone MT-2 and my sound card for recording and borrowing an amp for practices. This should tide me over until I get my vyvpyr 120 ^_^

Thanks for the comment! I'll work on it a bit more to try to stamp out some of the repitition and I'll be commenting on your link soon