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Cold weather
119 60%
Hot weather
80 40%
Voters: 199.
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I love it. Although I've never experienced extremely cold temperatures, the coldest I've ever experienced was 28 Fahrenheit.
edit: There's no mild weather option in the poll because obviously that would get all the votes.
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Crazy yank... it gets pretty cold here so no, I don't like it cold.
I slept outside in 30 F below weather once. It was cold. Not gonna lie, I went home in the middle of the night
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I love the cold, its like 24 degrees Fahrenheit right now, but the low for the week where I am is like 8. Love cold weather
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I got the Kelvin one immediately...nerd I be.

But I love cold weather, I'm uncomfortable in temperatures above 15 degrees C, really.
Cold if there is snow.
Or if there isn't.
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i deffinately prefer warm weather as i like being able to go out and do things and not worry about freezing my ass off because it decided to be 10 degrees Fahrenheit because thats cool. PUN.
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I love it cold. It's not so bad at all if you've got enough clothes. A principle that does not apply to hot weather, as one can only get so naked. Also, I'm a complete little kid when it comes to Christmas and snow and winter and all that. So yeah. Cold.
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If i had my choice from either two extremes, I'd prefer it to be very cold than very hot. Unless it's a very dry heat like that in Vegas.
Cold over Hot.

With hot you need air conditioning and fans etc which all use electricity but when it's cold I can just go old school and use a blanket (not a damn snuggy).
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I like it when it's at about -5 celcious. As long as I'm prepared for it.
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if i have to choose ill say hot only because the AC in the summer is like 10x better than a heater in the winter
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I love it cold. It's not so bad at all if you've got enough clothes. A principle that does not apply to hot weather, as one can only get so naked. Also, I'm a complete little kid when it comes to Christmas and snow and winter and all that. So yeah. Cold.

OMFG that is exactly how I feel!!!
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I love the cold. I really wish I lived somewhere where it snows and rains a lot but doesn't get super hot. It snows and gets really cold here in Utah during the winters, but it also gets super hot during the summers.
When it's cold it's super cold, when it's hot it's super hot.
I hate it when it's hot out.
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I would rather have it really cold than really hot.
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I love the middy weathers.
298 Kelvin or 25 Celsius.
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I actually really enjoy the cold. Anywhere from 50 degrees fahrenheit down to the negatives is just fine with me.
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Cold, by far. I'm rather cold resistant, and if it does get too cold for me I put on a jacket. What can I do if I'm hot (lulz)?
Cold, i'll put a coat on.
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It really depends how cold or how hot you mean. If we are talking extremes, like 0 F or 100 F, I'd probably rather have hot. I can always sit inside with air conditioning if it's hot. But I can also go outside and not be extremely uncomfortable. Going outside in 0 F weather requires several layers, which is annoying.
I like the cold weather more just because my b-day is in January. But I also like the summer but shit I sweat easily. I don't like sweating so I would have to say the cold.
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