I'm not sure this deserves it's own thread, but I couldn't find an answer anywhere. I appreciate your help.

I need to get a small practice amp just to jam with another guitarist, a bassist, and maybe drums. We aren't going to be praticing at full volume, so it doesn't have be really loud.

This is my question, I run my guitar through a Line 6 Pod 2.0 for all my effects. Will it really matter what type of amp I get? Meaning tube, SS, high end, low end, etc. Won't most of my tone come from the Pod? Also, what is minimum amount of wattage I should look for?
Not a dumb question at all.

If you like the modeling the Pod provides then I would suggest an SS amp with a clean channel or a tube amp with a clean channel. Low end/high end is up to you.

What I wouldn't get is something like a Line 6 Spider or Peavey Vypyr.

modeling + modeling = fail

What is your budget and closest city?

I'm in Sunrise, Fl. About an hour north of Miami. Not sure about a budget yet. Probably less than $150 to be honest. I can save for longer, I'm just gathering ideas right now. Again, I appreciate the help.
^oh, ok

well, your best bet then is to try to save as much as you can and look for used gear on craigslist or maybe GuitarCenter used section.

To get over a drummer you will probably want to be in the 30 watt range but that is just a generality. For example a 15w Fender Blues Jr can gig.