He's been searching for ages, so I've decided to make this to help him. He wants to spend under £200, and I think he's fine with second hand, and really under £150 would be excellent.

He likes the cherry burst ones (they do look very nice) so anyway, post your ideas for what he could get here?


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you mean hollow body?
look at the squier telecaster thinline
A semi for under £200? Been looking long has he? Not surprising. You might find a Westfield or some odd cheapo brand but you'll be lucky to find anything playable at that price, even on ebay. They just cost so much more to make than a solid.
£300 will get an Ellis Hollow Mantis. A mate of mine had one and he is delighted with it. It looks and plays like the PRS its almost modeled on. Vintage brand Semis start at around £425 list so about £325 in the shops.
Even the Squier Tele Thinline is around £250 and would benefit from a pair of pups for another 50 quid.
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Epiphone Dot Studio on Gak for £195

Haven't tried the studio myself, but own the standard and absolutely love it.
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