I just wanted to share the delight that is the fact my ears have grown up today. Got home, went to play some Pop Rock stuff, realised I had my gain on like 3/4 and it was just terrible. So, i'm now on just under a 1/4 gain for Pop Rock and my ears don't take kindly to masses of needless gain anymore. YAY for me.

(Prepares for the inevitable, 'Cool Story Bro', first response)
What are you? An elf?
the next step is to realize that pop rock sucks too

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blues_to_thrash, you are the master of epic lulz

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the next step is to realize that pop rock sucks too

The next step is to be tolerant. Or, wonder whether I may also play/enjoy/listen to other genre's. Lucky for you (judging by your avatar) i'm listening to some of Serj's solo stuff right now.
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