It's been ages since I've posted here. I've been going through a very strange time, to be honest, so just know that it's not personal. I'll do C4C. I'm going to try to stay here for a while too. So yeah. Away!

And I'm still doing indigo, I suppose. Hehe.

When you come to realize that all your work is meaningless,
when you figure out that you have been writing for a year,
with little thought to much else, to anything not to with her,
everything is thrown into perspective.
Into alignment.
Into cacophony.

I see it all so clearly now,
all that’s gone to waste.
But it was I who ended it, who began it dryly
with a twist of a lock of hair
in the darkness of entrapment, ensnare the beast.

Don’t you dare take credit for me, don’t dare take credit for what I chose to be.
For what it’s worth, I did this on my own, asphalt met bended knee.
In the last true words you ever spoke, in the shit soaked metaphors we both wrote,
we saw that everything we ever had was based on mind’s eye’s clever strokes.

Lost in a maze of grass and vines, I lurk.
Immersed in physical obsession where emotions and tensions have
yet to come to pass, think fast, I am content.

I am content with all the air that’s whipping past my snow scarred face.
I am content with all the memories your new life did erase.
I am content with tying myself to four horses in a place
where they can run free and can rip me into pieces once again.

Tugged and stretched, my bones start to crack
as my skulls fluids leak out and my arms detach
in a puddle of blood where my entrails lay,
they writhe and they twist and I die, slowly.
The only way to die is slowly, slowly…
So that’s how I’ll do it. The only way you know how.

I’m going to climb and keep climbing up until I’m level with your window
so you can see me, just before I flee and test the spirit of concrete.
Rapping on windows with bare knuckled, bruised fingered desperation,
but you just won’t hear me, not now, not ever, not while I’m
standing on a precipice of self realization, of self seeking, selfish death.

Oh, why have you faded without warning and without a second glance?
Why have you become abhorrent of my very countenance?
And why have you left me for dead, for the landfills?

I am an eggshell.
yo i really like the lyrics to this song it kinda explains how i was feeling last year and those are the best songs the ones that u can relate to.......i give u mad kudos!!! is it a recording yet?
one x_vox
yeah man I loved it! The title is clever, and I especiall liked the songs ending. Good tone too, im guessing this would be a dark song. Oh, and kudos for effective use of the word 'cacophony'!