Song for my band. Rough mix but don't know if I can be bothered doing anything with it anytime soon.

Have a listen.
Flap it and enjoy yourself...

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Nice mixing, just turn the bass drum down a little and your voice a little more. Your melodies work really well. Your voice reminds me alot of Claudio Sanchez (not nearly as high though LOL) and Jesse Lacey, and it sounds really well suited to this style (very melodic). Some harmony on the chorus would be nice, and your voice is well suited for it. Your guitar/bass tones sound pro. I think another repetition of the chorus after a bridge at the end of the song would work well.

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It sound really good, its put together really well. The style works really well for your voice, I have nothing to crit on your playing or structure. I do however want to crit your mixing. Your vocals need to come down a bit in the mix, so everything else can be in dynamics with the vocals. And you need to double track your rythem guitars, makes it much bigger sounding. But really good job, I enjoyed the song.

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