i know it's not the greatest amp by far but it came up on short notice and 30 bucks was nothing.....if it helps any im looking for a new amp. ok i have two questions first one: can you hook up a wah pedal to a line 6 spider III 15w or no? the second is can you guys give some suggestions on what amp i should look at and get. i play papa roach, avenged sevenfold, coheed and cambria etc i have a budget of $200. thanks in advance
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Yes can hook a wah up, and no, you shouldn't waste your money.

If you want that kind of modeling amp, go for a Peavey Vypyr 30 Watt. It's tons better, and I got mine for $180. It has much better tone than the Spiders, and better quality, I highly recommend it.
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The Spider 3 is just a bad idea. The wah pedal will sound like crap through the spider because its a solid state. I would suggest a Vox Valvetronix XL. They run around $180. Plus its a hybrid, it will sound better with the pedal. And it has some pretty good high gain tones.
i played the vyper 30w i like it never played the vox tho.....i was just wondering if you could do it because im getting a wah for christmas but im buying a new amp in february so for the time being the wah would be used on my spider or my bc rich with a kustom speaker.
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i personally think the vyper beats the piss out of the valvetronix. I played one the other day for the first time and I was really impressed.
ROLAND CUBE 20X!!!! $200 you can't go wrong. Best practice amp ever IMO.
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I had one of the old 120 watt red front spiders. I think it was a spider II. I used the line 6 pedal made for the amp to switch chanels but also bought a cry baby wah to use. Guess What Happened? Anyone? Well it worked like it does with any other amp! That's what pedals and effects do that are made to be put in between your guitar and amp. It does not matter what kind of amp you have to whether it will work or not, so remember that. You know if you are getting a wah for xmas, then chances are you were going to use it anyways with that amp because like you said you aren't purchasing another one until Feb. Sorry it's late and pedals are made to work with amps period!
To the guy that said it would suck cuz its a solid state amp, your an idiot. Theres nothing wrong with solid state. It might sound off cuz its a modeling amp, but it shoudnt be a huge problem. I used a wah through a spider 2 and the world didnt end, so yes it would be fine, and I like the Vypyr for a practice amp, but I wouldnt get one over 30 watts. I didnt find any tones that I would actually use for a gig so I wouldnt go larger.