Right, as a bassist wanting to start getting some serious guitar equipment, I have an
idea... and some questions.

I want an amp for home practice/recording and some mid-level jamming.
I generally play hard rock/metal but here is the catch: my clean tone is what I care most about. I want a perfect sounding clear, yet punchy clean tone that I can add to with a flanger, wah and distortion pedals as and when.
This is what I'm drooling over at the moment:


The VOX NightTrain NT-15H. It seems to be exactly what I'm looking for.
A music store nearby has one that I havn't managed to try out yet (and I will before I buy) but my questions are:
-Does anyone here own this amp/have any experiences with it?
-Any reasons it might not be a good choice for me?
-With distortion/overdrive and the right EQ could I play metal? (in C# and drop B if it matters)
-What cab would you guys recommend? I was thinking either a 2x12 or a 4x10 bass speaker for even clearer cleans and more low end.

thanks for the help
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I love the Night Train. Clean tones are great...even at practice levels. It can do rock and some metal with the right pedal. If you're looking for a mainly clean tone its a great amp...the overdrive isn't bad...but its not going to get metal. I use it with an AB Custom 1x12 cab or a Carvin 2x12 cab.
I don't think it could handle the metal you're playing in drop B in my opinion.
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THeres no effects loop so it could be aproblem for ur pedels ...
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I'd suggest a HT-5.
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if you care most about your cleans then i suggest a laney vc15/vc30

great sounding amps, although you really need those pedals if you wanna do some high-gain
I use it with my floor pod plus and is just awesome
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