Hey check out this song I wrote, I was inspired by GnR's version of Knocking on heaven's door. It is the first song on my profile and it is called Never Enough http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/BigDC/

Tell me what you think of it (and yes I know I am not that good of a singer).
I'm sorry, but the intro, and much of the playing seemed extremely mechanical. Did you happen to write this entire song via computer? Or am I just being silly. The vocals seemed to be mixed badly, and thus it seemed kind of repetitive. It seems to be lacking... some spirit. The vocals sound like moaning, and I can't hear them. The bass goes overly low sometimes. The rhythm guitar sounds like a loop, but the loop doesn't change. It also sounds like a drum machine, etc, but even the lead playing seems kind of off. The rhythm of the lead hardly ever changes, though when it does it starts to sound pretty good. It sounds like the effects are on a little to happy on the lead, but I think the best help for the lead would be to stop playing sometimes. Occasionally, there should be a lack of a guitar solo, even if it is just so that we can appreciate the solos there are.
Sorry about the harshness, dude. You might just want to ease back a little bit, change up the rhythm a bit. The vocals are ??? to me. Decent song though. Keep up the good work, and keep improving.
^unfortunately, hes right; this is a pretty bad recording. Are those MIDI guitars? You could spend a little time using a free program like Reaper or Krystal and get a MUCH better recording (im assuming you play guitar; the drum samples you used are pretty good but they arent loud enough in the mix.) Your voice sounds pretty good (on key + projection) but once again, its hard to say because those looped guitars pretty much mask everything eq-wise. Id suggest re-doing this with actual instruments (keep the drums and turn those and your voice above the guitars)

After a few more listens - First of all, definitely listen to what that guy said about the eq. Your voice is good enough that it really detracts from it by having that midi lead in there. Best case scenario, you find someone to play that lead and make space for a solo, and, though a few of the licks sound decent, the constant rhythm needs to be fixed. If you play guitar, you should record the rhythm by yourself by playing it all the way through, not just a loop. That way, you can get ideas on changing the groove up a bit, and it will probably sound a lot better. You could also just cut out the rhythm guitar and only let the lead guitar shred during it's specified shredding. With a bit of eq fixing, the bass could suffice quite well in it's place.
One more thing - You do seem to have a bit of songwriting skill, though I'm not sure what instrument you actually play, you should definitely try and find a cool group of guys to play/sing with. Your voice sounds a bit off in some other songs, but if you take out that weird electronic sound in your voice and sing with a real band, I think that most of those problems will be fixed. If you need any other reasons, jamming is good for your soul.
One thing after the one more thing - sorry, I am listening to your music as I am commenting - forget those midi instruments. Put it into midi, print it out, and hand the tab to a guitarist. Give the lead guitarist a riff and a lick and let him do what he wants.

Merry Christmas, everybody. Sorry if I say anything stupid, it is late.