So on the 2nd of janurary im planning on buying a new guitar. And I settled on the Fender Baja telecaster. Been that one for a while now. But I recently come across this...

Fender JA-90 telecaster

Now i normally wouldn't go for artist guitars. But I LOVE Jimmy Eat World and they are the reason I picked up guitar. I had no idea he had a sig guitar out as well.

Now the baja is a lil more expensive so both in my price range.

I play a mixture of things, mainly pop rock.

I just wana know what you guys think? Whats the better guitar? Anyone played the JA-90?

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I think the JA-90 will be better for you, and especially because it has a personal significance to you.

Play one also P90's are ftw.

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it depends what tone your going for. keep in mind the jim adkins sig tele has high-output p90s that are meant to break up more than regular single-coils. so if you like clean tones then it may not be that good for you, but if you are playing more high-gain stuff then it would be perfect.

and yeah JEW is one of the most under-rated bands of all time love them
If you wanted P-90s, I think the Classic Player Tele Deluxe with P-90s would be a better buy.
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