When I'm just scaling through any of the modes / scales, I was curious about my picking pattern. My guitar teacher pointed out that I should change from what I'm doing to strictly down up down up , regardless of position.

Though when I play I have developed a habit of alternate picking towards the direction im going.. IE - if I play 3 notes on G and im going to D , I use an Up pick, to start since I'll end on an up pick.. and continue towards the flow of the strings.
This follows suit with all picking I've been doing. Though I'm not sure what I am doing that is negative, and I'm not entirely sure what I am aiming to develope by changing it to down up. My thought is that it's a motive to enforce rhythm in song?
What you're doing is called "economy picking", because of it's economy of motion. What *most* players use is down-up picking - alternate picking. Economy picking can be useful in some situations (sweeping for example) and some players think it gives you more speed. While this is true (in most cases) it also gives you less control. (This was my experience from it.
Hence, I alternate pick everything, except sweeps.
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Thanks a ton, yeah my teacher said it had a different color to it. I wasn't entirely sure what he meant, though I definently need to get control over it. I spent a week on it, and hadn't really been able to shake it off.
Appreciate the advice alot though /back to the metronome