Hey guys (and girls)! I have $30 to spend on a cable. I could either get a Mogami Silver Series of a Monster Cable S-100. These are my initial two thoughts. You guys have any opinions on either/or? I want a nice, high quality cable (as high as $30 will buy ) and not some cheap stuff like Horizon, etc.

Monster Cable


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Mogami. I bought two of those like a year ago and they still work great. No complaints.

I bought one of those Monsters and it died within two weeks.
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heard good stuff about death valley cables, but out of these two I'd go for a monster, it's the only cable I've heard change in clarity through a sensitive amp with. The mogamis sounded like samsons.
If you go for a Mogami cable, the least you could do is get a cable with the Neutrik Silent Jack....essential for any guitar player i say...
Again, I'm on a budget. Plus, I always mute things before I plug/unplug them.
Mogami....those Monster cables suck in my experience

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Again, I'm on a budget. Plus, I always mute things before I plug/unplug them.

Yeah, fair enough on the budget...but if you gig a lot and swap guitars, it is very handy without having to touch anything else.
Go with the Monster. They get a lot of undeserved hate around here (mostly from bandwagoners who've never even used them, much like most of the hated gear around here). I've been using Monster cables for several years now and I have yet to have a problem with one. Also, I've compared them to other brands like Mogami, Live Wire, etc. and to my ears Monster reproduce the clearest, most natural tone.
Monster cables tend to wear out input jacks, at least thats what i hear. I don;t like monster cables.
I'd go with Mogami, i use the planet waves circuit breaker. I got a 20ft one free for buying a box of 10 D'add strings at guitar center 2 months ago. Plus i had a 15% off thing... 36$ out the door with 12 packs of strings and a 20ft cable.

It was sweet.