I recently purchased a Schecter C-1 Hellraiser FR brand new, 2009 edition. I have read countless reviews online that people have rated this guitar extremely well, and after playing it a few times at different stores, I know that it is a great guitar. However, I have also heard that Schecter guitars manufactured in Korea have significantly better quality than those made in Indonesia. I just received my guitar and it is an Indonesian-crafted model. Should I be skeptical of the quality, or am I just over thinking it?
::sigh:: this is why guitar companies should just lie about where the guitar is made. dont fret dude like the guy above said if it feels fine just relax...or lie to yourself and say that it doesnt matter...lmao
If you have some doubts simply take it to a guitar shop and compare it to a variety of Korean manufactured guitars. I expect that your C-1 will compare favorably.

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It's not too much of a difference any more, they're all made on CNC anyway.
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I have a Korean one and the pots wont stay on for crap, and theres a weird lump in the neck, it's just hit and miss buddy, don't worry
i have a indonesia hellraiser, and has had no problems with it, and have had it for 1 year. Great playing guitar, its just hit or miss. nothing to worry about. If it feels good then its good
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One thing I will recommend you do ASAP is retighten the output jack. I have heard of and seen a lot of Schecters where it came loose, including the one on my beloved Gryphon (Korean made, btw). Take a wrench and some pliers and tighten it to the point where it's bulletproof. If you're really concerned, do the same for the pots and the switch. Reliability problems solved.
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My $250 Korean Iceman has no flaws, and plays nice, hasn't broken down ever. My $850 Chinese Fernandes however, has messed up side-of-the-neck dots and space between the control plates and body on the back.

Little things like that are the difference between Korean, Chinese, Japanese and North American guitars. Usually nothing huge, but just enough to make you want to pay more for a better guitar.
Well ive played bout every schecter in the dealers store at my place. All they're guitars are awesome for their price (with the exception of the blood moon, which was quite dissapointing). It is true that the Korean made versions are better but u still gotta pay more than a indo version. IMO the lower end indo versions aren't that bad. I'm not 100% sure if the 2009 hellraiser is made in indo or not but it did feel quite different from my 2007 Korean hellraiser. IMO the Korean version is better but then again it's just my opinion, the indo version may b different but it's still an awesome guitar.