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i like how teh Americans over look the other convictions

The point of this article posted was the GIRL being convicted. Guede was convicted ages ago, and she and her boyfriend were in the same basket, so that goes without saying. It seems to me everyone, regardless of nationality, is disregarding the murdered girl. Then again, that was years ago. Knox's conviction is recent.

The fact is, many people see it as an abortion of justice because Italian trials are like middle school government elections - most popular guy wins. There were lots of missteps, and that's what people are focusing on (especially me, heh).

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Fair point, just presented a little harshly to begin with.
Thanks for clarifying what you meant.

Of course. There are very few things that really irk me, but this is one of them.

I was living in Perugia when this happened, and I remember the day I was walking to school, and I had to find a different way because of all the police in the road. You can see the house from the balcony of the school. It's about 3 blocks away. I knew Patrick Lumumba, ate at his bar, played with him (he's a hell of a musician), and he even threw an exclusive party at his bar just for about 30 of us students. It's just I see tons of ignorant people (about half of the people in this thread), who really know nothing about any of this, making stupid comments and fueling the hatred and the ignorance which started the whole debacle in the first place. They see some images on TV that are slanted and twisted and believe it as fact, and then go around spouting that bullsh*t. The Kerchers are among those people, and the prosecutors capitalized on their grief. It's sad, but it's true. They're victims of their own despair, and unfortunately they're lashing out at others.

Some of us have been here from beginning and now to the end, and can see what a tragedy it is, on all sides.
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You twat I just read through this thread and was all confused thinking hasn't all this been done!
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btw im in hs and im almost 18 so if u do think she was flirting with me dont say that its wrong im almost a grown man.

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^not in Italy. A Grand Jury can reopen case on appeal.

I doubt the U.S. Government is going to allow her to be extradited back to Italy but either way, its going to be a shit show.
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@sam b

You twat I just read through this thread and was all confused thinking hasn't all this been done!

Didn't even know there was a retrial.
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