My nut (pretty sure thats it, the part the holds the strings atop the neck for position near the tuners) hangs like 1/8 of an inch, maybe less on the low E side of the neck, and comes in the same amount on the high side.

Essentially it looks like it is just offset a tad, does this matter if I am still in tune, its def glued in there or something because i cant tap it and move it.

Should I fix this or roll with it?
I believe I am sinking down
Is the intonation correct? if so then its fine. Otherwise post some pics and we'll try to help.
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That can definitely happen. My friend has an old Squire you can move the nut back and forth just by bending
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I can def post a pic sometime, the thing wont move though in ref to fant. I put something to protect the guit and tapped with a hammer and still wouldnt move.

TBH i dont even know if my innotation is correct, that just means in tune open and at the 12th fret right?
I believe I am sinking down
I'll check on that, based on my ear its tuned right, but what is weird is that my tunder says b string is in tune, but to my ear it is not in some spots so maybe that one is not correctly sprung screwed down there
I believe I am sinking down