I've been playing guitar for quite a few years, but I've noticed recently that I put my thumb over the low E string whenever I play C, A, D, Am or similar chords that include not playing the low E. Is it just me, or does anyone else have this problem? Will this effect playing? Can it cause injury? Please give me your input!
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you have been playing guitar for years and you're asking this? have you ever watched any other guitarists? many people play this way, no it isn't a problem and it wont cause injury.

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If your hands are big enough and they don't cramp I'm really not seeing any problem with this. Most people do, I think. It especially helps mute the unwanted low E when you're relly into a song haha.
Yeah, I use it to mute the low E whenever I don't need it, Don't care much for fretting with it though.. it just feels awkward
If your wrist is bent severely enough, like more than 30-45 degree angle, it can cause tendinitis. If you have big hands, you can get away with more thumb over fretboard. I see many players do it (which doesn't make it right nor wrong), I would watch out for it.
ive been playing for 2 years and i do it too, its fine for chords. BUT! you should refrain from doing this when soloing or playing leads, thats when your thumb should be on the back of the neck. i however still do this a lot, but im training myself not to.
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