Okay here's the deal, I'm basically a noob when it comes to trem's i've never been a big fan of them. Well I just changed strings today when setting up the tuning on the trem before using the the lockers I tuned to drop c. The fine tuners on the trem system where already moved around quite a bit. So When I put the lockers on and took out the block underneath the trem it went out of tune which was expected. The fine tuners where moved around to much for me to get it back in drop c tuning cause they where moved around. Is there a starting position for the fine tuners before restringing and using the locking system?
Whoa alot of confusion there. i think i know what youre saying but please elaborate...
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well anytime i re-string/re-tune my fine tuners are always half way down.. so i have enough room to screw em down if needed but enough room to bring em up if needed

Do you think if I take my locks off and put a block underneath the trem and move the fine tuners half way down then re tune it with the normal tuners. Put the locks back on and take the block out from underneath the trem that will fix it?
When you re-tune the guitar, don't put a block in, youll just have to start from scratch when you take it out.
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