and what does it take to be one?also,do you have to be in a band or play out alot to be one?or can you be a soloman?
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Goodness gracious me!
You need to be extremely good in ALL areas. You need to be able to play whatever the artist wants, whenever the artist wants. I wouldn't imagine that you would have to be in your own band though.
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Dude, you have to be really, really good. Look at Larry Carlton, for example. He's very well-versed in different styles, and has pretty decent chops.
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Arguably, you have to be better than someone who plays in a band.

When you play in a band, you can do whatever you want.
When you're playing in a session for someone else, you have to do exactly what THEY want. They have a vision, they hired you to fulfill it. You can throw a bit of your own flair in, that's probably the reason they hired you and not someone else, but overall you're there to work for someone else.

And as mentioned you need to be well-versed in a wider range of musical styles than a guy who plays in a band.

Also, you must never EVER show off your skillz. You only do how much is enough.

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You have to be very versatile, have a decent ear, know a lot of theory, and be able to play over a chord progression.

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