I have hit major problems rewiring my guitar and don't feel like explaining it my question is what is the normal of cost for somewhere like guitarcenter to solder in pickups?
tried it with no responses. I have a 2 humbucker 1 volume 1 tone 5 way switch ibanez RG3ex. I ordered GFS pickups and have no clue where everything goes. The 5 way switch on the seymor duncan website doesn't match my 8 in a row 5 way. All the wires from the stock pics are different colors. its a mess.
you will need to find what wire to replace with what wire.

the GFS pups might have 2 wires, or up to 4, if the guitar is a 5 way with 2 humbuckers, im guessing its coil-split.

if you want it to be easyer, replace the 5 way with a 3 way.

but realy, just find what wires need to be replaced with the new ones... its not to hard, but will take a bit of trial and error.
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matt s can you use ms paint and edit one of the Seymour Duncan diagrams to show me how you guitar is wired? If you can, I'll try to edit it for the GFS pickups for you. The reason I put try is it depends on how good your diagram turns out. If it's good then I can help you.

EDIT: Pics of the switch and pots would help if you can't draw a diagram.
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2 Humbucker, 1 Volume, 1 tone:


GFS wire colours (from memory)

Green, White*, Red*: Hot.
Black, Bare: Ground

*These 2 should be soldered together and are used for single coil.

5 way Switch:

Not sure how much this will help but i have these pics from before i took it apart.

The V on the pot stands for volume.^^^
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